Formation Food Science

Résumé de la formation

  • Type de diplôme: Certificat
  • Domaines de compétences: Agronomie et Agriculture



Knowledge of the composition of food, biochemical and nutritional aspects, in relation to consumer demands. The module aims to provide students with a personal work with a refund in the form of written and oral report. It will, through a case study (1) to make an inventory of ingredients and additives, (2) identify the functions of different classes of components,
and (3 ) provide for each of the elements regulatory and toxicological risks . This work requires an investigation into the composition of food, a brief study of the manufacturing process and consultation of books and websites.


Contenu de la formation

Knowledge of food products : 14h

  • Introduction to molecular cuisine (Practical works ) and sensory analysis (Tutorials)
  • Example of some products: wine , beer, bread products (lectures, visits)

Composition of foods :

  • Functional aspects (14h) : case study of certain foods (TD), study of food spoilage (practical work) .
  • Nutritional aspects (14h) : relationships food - health, food
  • Cancer (dietary factors and carcinogenesis, food as cancer prevention) relationships food - obesity, food - cardiovascular diseases, diabetic diets, sport diets, food for pregnant women, chrononutrition .

Flavourings and food dyes (4h)

  • Teaching methods
  • Lectures, practicals and personal work, handouts, slideshows, visits
  • Knowledge assessment
  • Written report and oral presentations.
  • Students can choose the language of assessment, French or English.


Responsable de la formation :

Christian CHERVIN


Condition d'accès

Bac +2


Lieu(x) de la formation

  • Auzeville-Tolosane

Contact(s) administratif(s)

Conseiller Formation Qualifiante

Tél : 05 34 32 31 07

Email : qualifiant.fc @

Plus d'infos

Crédits ECTS 6 crédits

Public concernéFormation continue, Formation continue non diplômante, Formation professionnelle

Formation à distance Non

Nature de la formation

Durée du stage 9 days

Code CPF Éligible au CPF

Prix inter-entreprise 1 000 €

Date(s) de la formation Nous contacter

Nous contacter

Toulouse INP Formation Continue

6 allée Emile Monso - BP 34038
31029 Toulouse Cedex 4
Ouvert du lundi au vendredi

08h30-12h30 / 13h30-16h30

05 34 32 31 08


Le centre de formation continue et professionnelle des Grandes Écoles d'Ingénieurs de Toulouse INP

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