Formation Biotechnology for agriculture

Résumé de la formation

  • Type de diplôme: Certificat
  • Domaines de compétences: Agronomie et Agriculture



Formation dispensée en Anglais

At the end of this module learner will understand the challenges of biotechnology related not only to scientific but also to societal issues. They will be able to perform a critical analysis of scientific work and to communicate this analysis in scientific English.


The objective of this module is to cover different fields of crop improvement and protection, biodiversity conservation, food, environment, health and animal sciences, metagenomics, where biotechnology has emerged to be a complementary tool in matter of sustainable agriculture.


Teaching methods

All lectures and tutorials will be held face-to-face. Project work and flipped classroom will provide in-depth knowledge in chosen fields and will develop skills in diagnosis, experimental design and communication. Students will be trained in the art of scientific communication by describing and presenting their project work.


Evaluation will be on the basis of table exam, written report and oral communication (questions and answers).


Training Manager :


Savoir-faire et compétences

  • Diagnostiquer : Produire un rapport d'opportunités de développement selon une démarche définie
  • Valider: Identifier les limites méthodologiques et choisir les indicateurs pertinents
  • Communiquer : Communiquer au sein d'un groupe de travail ou au sein d'une organisation


Contenu de la formation

Plant biotechnology lectures and Tutorials: Germplasm conservation, crop improvement and protection

Applications of in vitro culture towards the improvement and conservation of plant species will be declined. Conventional and novel technologies involving genetic engineering, aiming at reducing the use of agricultural intrants, will be studied. Model plants used to decipher gene isolation and functional analysis will be introduced. These will be explored within the international legal framework of the International Biodiversity Convention and Biosafety Carthagena Protocol. Finally, the European and French legal framework dedicated to Crop Improvement, Crop Protection, Food and Feed safety will be summarised.


PhD learners or post-docs at ENSAT labs will present their research work related to plant and environmental science and using molecular approaches.


Project-based learning:

Learners will work in groups of 3 or 4, on the development of novel products and processes in Biotechnology. They will choose either one of the following areas: food and feed, water security, crop and environmental protection, animal science, cosmetics, textiles, energy, use of crop residues, algae, industrial wastes as substitutes for oils and others. Learners will choose the area they wish to work on, will justify the needs, explore the state of the art, define the objectives they endeavour to reach and explore the ways these could be achieved.

Their project will be described in a 15-page report, and will be communicated orally to the class using a power point presentation during 20 minutes.


Condition d'accès

Audience  :

Formation destinée aux technicien(ne)s supérieur(e)s et aux ingénieur(e)s, salarié(e)s, demandeur(se)s d'emploi dans le domaine.

Prerequisite :

Bac +2


Lieu(x) de la formation

  • Toulouse

Contact(s) administratif(s)

Conseiller Formation Qualifiante

Tél : 05 34 32 30 86

Email : qualifiant.fc @

Plus d'infos

Crédits ECTS 4.5 crédits

Public concernéFormation continue, Formation continue non diplômante, Formation professionnelle

Nature de la formation

Durée du stage 70h

Coût de la formation 1 000 €

Date(s) de la formation from 31 january 2024 to 16th february 2024

Nous contacter

Toulouse INP Formation Continue

6 allée Emile Monso - BP 34038
31029 Toulouse Cedex 4
Ouvert du lundi au vendredi

08h30-12h30 / 13h30-16h30

05 34 32 31 08


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