Mastère Spécialisé Systèmes Embarqués - Embedded Systems

Résumé de la formation

  • Type de diplôme: Mastère spécialisé
  • Domaines de compétences: Électrique et Électronique



Mastère Spécialisé dispensé en anglais, co-habilité avec l'ISAE-SUPAERO.


Toulouse has one of the greatest concentrations of Embedded Systems industry in Europe with the major aerospace and equipment manufacturers working either for the aeronautical, space or car industry, including Airbus, CNES, Astrium, Continental, Thalès, etc.Embedded Systems have become essential in several kinds of product in daily life. Embedded Systems encompass a broad class of systems end are actively involved in all domains, from transport systems (aeronautics, space, road, rail and sea), to energy sectors (e.g. nuclear and chemical) and also to communication systems (e.g. mobile phones and PDAs). The Embedded Systems Master Program is a one-year professional course, designed by the ENSEEIHT and ISAE SUPAERO partners, with the support of the embedded systems industry.


Aware of the real need for a multidisciplinary approach, the program prepares students with in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of the underlying technologies involved in embedded systems

  • developing competencies, both at system-level and function level design for the engineering of Embedded-Systems, based on strong basics of complementary subjects: electronics, computer science, energy conversion and management, automatic control, telecommunications and networks;
  • developing the system approach through integrated projects to master specific methods and tools applied to the following domains: aeronautics, space and automobile.

Savoir-faire et compétences

This Master’s degree is multidisciplinary. It covers all hardware (electronics, energy), software (computer science, links with network, modeling, analysis and certification) and control issues of Embedded Systems within an integrated system based perspective.


Contenu de la formation

La formation est enseignée en anglais


Embedded Systems require a collaborative training approach with  a  broad  spectrum  of  knowledge,  interweaving  experts from   all   concerned   fields:   electronics,   energy,   science,   
networks and control systems. Hence, the academic session of the Master program consists of  a  555  hours  long  program  covering  the  five  disciplinary fields while focusing on the architectural aspect and a set of application-oriented lectures and seminars.

Computer science - 47 h

Real  time  language,  Architecture  description  language,  Real time operating  systems

Control systems - 60 h

Design and Validation of Discret Event System, Feedback Control, Signal Processing

Electronic - 76 h

Digital   representation   of   analog   signal,   Microprocessor and  DSP  architecture,  Architecture  and  Design  of  FPGA  and  
ASIC  integrated,  Hardware  and  software  synthesis  and  co-simulation, RF Front-end architecture

Energy - 63 h

Actuator  and  converter  control,  Electromechanical  and  static energy converters, Autonomous energetic systems, Embedded electrical network

Networks - 63 h

Embedded  networks:  an  introduction,  Specific  buses  and networks,  Real  time  networks,  Design  and  validation  of real   time   protocols,   Architecture   of   fault-tolerant   buses,   
Dimensioning of an avionic network

Embedded systems engineering - Applications - 117 h

Real   time   control   of   a   space   system,   Hybrid   Systems, System  Engineering,  Real  time  control  of  a  mechatronic system, Aircraft technics, Introduction to space system (ISS), Automobile technics, Workshops 

Embedded systems engineering - Courses - 100 h

System   Dependability,   Certification,   Embedded   systems and computer Security,Optimization, Electromagnetic compatibility, Mechatronics integration, Risk management


ISAE Information system user - I2 h

Multi-disciplinary project - 26 h



Condition d'accès


Niveau d'anglais :

  • Bonne compréhension et utilisation de l'anglais écrit et oral pour l'admission
  • Examen de niveau de langue : TOEFL (papier): 550, TOEFL (IBT): 79, TOEIC: 750, IELTS: 6.0.
  • Seul les natifs ou personnes ayant un diplôme obtenu en langue anglaise n'ont besoin de justifier leur niveau


Le dossier du Mastère Spécialisé Systèmes Embarqués - Embedded Systems est en cours d'instruction par France Compétences mais n'est toujours pas enregistré au RNCP.
Par conséquent les demandes de financement de la formation par CPF et Transition Professionnelle ne pourront pas être acceptées.


Et après

Insertion professionnelle

Embedded Systems offer challenging career opportunities. The Master is designed either for young graduates or experienced engineers,  who  require  a  postgraduate  program  to  enhance  
their technical and management skills. This Master concerns any  industrial  sectors  where  embedded  systems  are  used:  aeronautics,   space,   road,   rail   and   sea,   energy   industry,   
communication systems, etc.

Career opportunities in this area are numerous and are growing in  a  variety  of  large  and  small  companies.  This  Embedded  Systems Master qualifies students for employment as designers,
developers, research engineers and project managers in design and development of innovative embedded systems.


Companies recruiting our students

Accenture,  Airbus  Group  and  its  subsidiaries,  Altran,  Astek, Atos   Origin,   CS   Communications   &   Systèmes,   DCNS,   Motorola,  Realix,  Safran,  Seditec,  Sogeti  High  Tech,  Sopra Group,  ESA,  GE  HEALTHCARE  TECHNOLOGIES  (India),  Indian  AirForce,  Philips  R&D  (Netherland),  Thales  Alenia  Space, SIGFOX, ...


Lieu(x) de la formation

  • Toulouse

Contact(s) administratif(s)

Conseiller Formation diplômante

Tél : 05 34 32 31 03

Email : diplomant.fc @

Plus d'infos

Crédits ECTS 45 crédits

Niveau d'étude
BAC +6

Public concernéFormation continue, Formation professionnelle

Formation à distance Non

Nature de la formation

Durée du stage 6 mois

Coût de la formation 12 500 €

Date(s) de la formation De septembre à septembre

Nous contacter

Toulouse INP Formation Continue

6 allée Emile Monso - BP 34038
31029 Toulouse Cedex 4
Ouvert du lundi au vendredi

08h30-12h30 / 13h30-16h30

05 34 32 31 08


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